Truck Tyre Regrooving

Truck Tyre Regrooving

Truck Tyre Regrooving is a specialized process in which a tire’s grooves are re-cut, using a handheld tool, at a deeper level to restore up to 4mm of tread depth, which can represent up to 25% of the original tread depth.Regrooving is an under-utilized practice that helps extend the life of new tires and can provide up to 30% more mileage. The tire does not need to be taken apart to regroove, and this part of the tire’s “life” has the lowest cost per mile by far.
The end result of regrooving depends on the quality of the new tire and the skill of the regrooving technician.

Your local Advantage Tires dealer can answer all of your questions and discuss the technique and potential benefits to you. Read our quick overview below or contact your Advantage Tires store for more information.

Which tires can be regrooved?

Not all tires are designed to be regrooved. When a tire is designed, the manufacturer prescribes an under tread thick enough to allow high quality regrooving without affecting the strength of the product. To help identify if a tire can be regrooved, it will have a REGROOVABLE moulding on the sidewall. The tires have regrooving depth indicators which are a guide for the technician performing regrooving.

What are the benefits?

Regrooving truck tire offers both performance and cost benefits. Regrooving can improve tire performance, including the ability to remove water from under the tire. Regrooving can also restore some of the side grooves that are worn out towards the end of the tire’s life. This provides new biting edges and helps grip.

  • More mileage: When regrooving truck tire is done at a time when the original tread depth remains 3-4mm, regrooving restores the tread depth, providing up to 25% more tire life.
  • More safety thanks to the regeneration of the grip: regrooving considerably renews the grip of the tire thanks to the regeneration of the groove.
  • Less fuel consumption and less CO2 emissions: regrooving is carried out in the phase where the tire has the lowest rolling resistance due to greater rigidity of the tread, and low resistance to rolling resistance. bearing means increased energy efficiency.
  • Less raw materials consumed: By adding a certain percentage of extra rubber volume when the tire is new, a regroovable tire will add up to 20% more kilometers, which creates a 15% reduction in raw materials compared to non-regroovable tires.
  • Due to its low cost in relation to the performance obtained, regrooving can significantly reduce the operating costs of operators. This translates into fewer new tires purchased in a single year as the life of each new tire is extended.

What condition must my tire be in to be regrooved?

An evenly worn and clean tire surface free of cuts and damage, with 3-4mm of tread remaining is ideal.

Regrooving is not recommended if the tread has significant damage such as multiple holes and cuts, or areas where the tread has been torn off. If the metal layers of the crown can be seen through damage or cuts, the tire should not be regrooved.

When is the best time to regroove?

The best time to regroove is when the original tread is worn to a remaining depth of 4mm. This ensures the best value in terms of additional mileage. A new tire with 4mm of tread remaining can be made into a regrooved tire with 8mm of tread remaining.

Truck Tyre Regrooving is carried out in the phase where the tire has the lowest rolling resistance due to greater rigidity of the remaining shallow tread. Since the remaining tread depth is small, it also means that the rolling resistance is low, which translates into increased fuel efficiency.

How to use a regrooved tire?

Regrooved tires are only suitable for highway / highway and urban applications. For long distances, on the motorway Regrooved tires can still be used in all positions. Urban and regional operators are generally recommended to use regrooved tires on their drive or trailer axles, but further advice on this can be discussed with us.

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